SUMMONS & COMPLAINT - The initiation of a law suit.

SHOW CAUSE NOTICE - Orders the defendant to appear in court to answer why they should not be held in contempt of court for not paying a judgement.

SUPPLEMENTARY PROCESS - (JUDGEMENT DEBTOR SUMMONS) - Orders the defendant into court to examine their ability to pay a judgement.

SUBPOENAS - Orders a witness to court to testify of their knowledge in a case.

DEPOSITION SUBPOENAS - Orders a witness to give a deposition of facts concerning a case.

NOTICE OF TAKING DEPOSITION - Notifies a witness that a deposition is being held.

SUMMONS TO TRUSTEE - A summons to a third party holding assets of another, instructing the third party to freeze part or all of the assets in their possession at the time of service.

CAPIAS WARRANT - Civil arrest warrant for contempt of court.